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Whether you are a Production Planner, Extrusion Operator or Salesperson working for a Converter or Distributor, this is the app for you! PolyApp allows you to prepare orders and do dimensional calculations for the specific product (rolls or finished) you are designing, manufacturing, quoting or purchasing. All done quickly within a matter of seconds after entering your specifications.

Features in this App

The flexible packaging industry’s must-have in 7 easy-to-use tools

Liner Dimension

Quickly calculate the ideal size of bag needed by type of bin.


Calculate the weight/1000 bags by entering the bag width, height and thickness, to easily price a quantity of bags by pound and by case.

Film Thickness

Convert mil thickness to microns with one simple input!

Order Planning

Properly quote clients by pound or by case using this comprehensive tool to calculate total weight, footage and roll diameter. For Production, this tool helps you make the right decisions.


Calculate yield by thickness and density to make sure the correct amount of film is purchased, whether you are ordering tubing or sheeting.

Roll OD & Footage

Calculate roll weight and footage by diameter to ensure the correct amount of film and number of rolls are ordered.

Blow Up Ratio

Calculate your Blow Up Ratio by inputting film width and die diameter, to make sure you achieve the optimal range and use the right blown film extruder to produce the film.


  • One-stop-shop: Convenience of having all calculation tools in one place. PolyApp replaces your constant use of Excel spreadsheets and website calculators. Experience the 7 free tools.
  • Peace of mind: Get the most accurate results at your fingertips. Fully functional and tested by industry experts.
  • Save time: Benefit from a unique experience. With millions of reliable formulas, calculating, converting, and planning is now easier and faster than ever before.
  • Quick and easy download: Free & no commitment. You can count on PolyApp at all times.

Experience the 7 Unique Tools

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“Tools for the Flexible Packaging Industry PolyApp is free and available on iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices.”

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Tools for the Flexible Packaging Industry
PolyApp is free and available on iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices.

Download PolyApp today from the AppStore!